Johnathan Lynn, Director

Thank you for all your help on Sgt Bilko.  The cast and crew throughly appreciated everything you did to make us feel less tense, more relaxed and physically fit.  I know you helped me alot, and I am grateful.

Mary McLaglen, Co Producer

Thank you for the outstanding job you did on our film.  Our shooting day passed more smoothly when you were giving your exceptional massages.  Your on set work helped alleviate the mental and physical stress felt by everyone on the cast and crew. I would happily...

Daniel Petrie, Jr. Executive Producer

Thank you for your outstanding work on Turner & Hooch.  Having you on set 3 days a week, we came to value the excellent massage therapy you provided and we came to value it more as the days got longer and work got more intense. A motion picture in production tests...

Mary Cantin

Thank you for your unique and much needed contribution to the production of A Night at the Roxbury.  During a very difficult shoot, you were one of the few things that everyone looked forward to and needed so desperately.  I can’t tell you how many times the...

Louis Velis, Associate Producer

Thanks for being on the set of Apollo 13 to ease the aches and pains of our cast and crew.  Our seventeen week shoot was a breeze.  You not only helped boost the morale of the cast and crew but you kept them in good physical condition.