Integrating Hands, Feet and Outer Ears

Reflexology is a natural non-invasive, complementary approach to stress reduction and improved health performed by applying specific pressure and touch techniques to the hands, feet and outer ears, where there is believed to be complete Reflex Maps resembling the shape of the human body.

Frequently reported benefits are:

  • profound relaxation
  • improved sleep
  • reduction of stress and pain
  • improved immunity
  • improved circulation
  • increased energy and productivity
  • Relief of headaches and more


Diane earned her Professional Certification from The American Academy of Reflexology1996 – using The Flocco Method and has more than 350 hours of training.



“I had constant pain in my feet and difficulty walking for 18 months prior to trying Reflexology. My doctors said they weren’t going to get better. In 6 weeks time I went from constant foot pain to not thinking much about my feet and I look forward to walking. My condition improves with each passing day and now almost two years later I remain pain free. I find Diane thoroughly professional and totally committed to finding a solution to my situation. I heartily recommend her to anyone. You will be pleased with the result.”

-Rodney Allen Hooks, Assistant Film Director

“I have known and relied on Diane Hubner’s extraordinary sensitivity and knowledge of the human body for more than twenty years. Through massage therapy and reflexology, Diane has successfully treated my family members and me, relieving muscle tension and discomfort. I highly recommend Diane…always prompt and professional…she is awesome!”

-Connie Sellecca